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The Regional Dialogue on Youth Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship will be held on the 20th - 22nd, January 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. Bringing together 20 young Indigenous entrepreneurs representing 9 countries in the region. The platform is an ongoing mechanism that enables young people to come together and develop the skills they need to address the issues faced by their communities. 

One of Youth Co:Lab's enterprises, Dochaa, is an Indigenous Nepali initiative that manufactures handmade sneakers. Dikesh, its co-founder, believes that connecting young people to Indigenous art will help revive and preserve Indigenous culture and identity.


Watch the video-message to learn more.


Biplove Singh is one of the 2019 Youth Co:Lab Summit winners for his enterprise Aeroroots, an aeroponic plant installation to grow vegetables without the need for soil or pesticides.


Watch his story to learn more.

Young Indigenous peoples as stewards of sustainable development

Sittie is an Indigenous entrepreneur from the Maranao Tribe in the Philippines who supports livelihoods and environmental conservation in her community through her social enterprise,

Mushroom For a Change.

Read the interview with Sittie to learn more.


"The name PHINIX was inspired by the phoenix bird, which dies and gets reborn into a new bird."

Meet Pamela Mejia, the founder of a social enterprise that upcycles textile waste into shoes and bags. 

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