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 Business Integrity

Business integrity protects young entrepreneurs and their companies. It is essential for the long term success of any business.

Business Integrity Toolkit For Young Entrepreneurs 

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In 2019, with the support of the UK Government and ASEAN Economic Reform Programme, FairBiz in collaboration with Youth Co:Lab, developed a Business Integrity Toolkit for Young Entrepreneurs, a Knowledge Product that provides guidance for start‐up companies to prevent, detect, and take action against unfair business practices. It contributes to this goal by encouraging young people starting their own businesses to operate with integrity from the outset. 


In 2022, the two projects joined forces again to digitize the toolkit to make it more user-friendly and accessible to the ecosystem. The toolkit is also updated with a specific Gender section as it is a crucial intersecting for Business Integrity.  

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Business Integrity Toolkit for Young Entrepreneurs
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Stories in Video on Business integrity and youth entrepreneurship