Business integrity protects young entrepreneurs and their companies. It is essential for the long term success of any business. On Anti-Corruption day this 9th of December 2020, Youth Co:Lab recognizes the need to Recover with Integrity. Only by putting effective corruption mitigation measures in place will a better recovery from COVID-19 be possible.

Business Integrity Toolkit For Young Entrepreneurs 

Fair business is good business. Integrity and good governance practices are vital parts of any business model. Learn about the relationship between trust, integrity and achieving impact and better business results.


Test your knowledge on Business integrity 

Through our Youth Co:Lab Chatbot you can find out how much you know about business integrity, in our 10-question quiz.


good luck!


How to set-up and run your business with integrity

Learn how to put the 'toolkit into practice with our new springboard module on impact values.

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