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The most severe impacts of climate change will be faced by future generations, leaving today’s youth one of the most vulnerable groups on the planet. Social entrepreneurship is key to finding innovative solutions to reverse the effects of climate change.


Young people and Youth Co:Lab young social entrepreneurs are leading the charge to create a sustainable future for the world they will inherit.

Stories in video on climate and young entrepreneurs

Learn about the challenges of Climate Change?


 How familiar   are you with   Climate Change   [Level 1] 

How much do you know about one of the greatest challenges of our generation?

 How familiar   are you with   Climate Change   [Level 2] 

Test your knowledge even further on one of the greatest challenges of our generation.  

 What do you   know about   SDG14: Life   Below Water? 

Learn about the Impact human life has on life below water.  

Stories in words on climate and young entrepreneurs

Youth Co:Lab startups taking on the challenges of climate change