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 Covid-19 response 

The Youth Co:Lab community is resilient and creative, see how they are meeting the challenge of a global pandemic

Youth Co:Lab’s Research on COVID-19’s Impact on Young Entrepreneurs

One year on from the outbreak of COVID-19, Youth Co:Lab conducted research to assess how youth-led enterprises in Asia-Pacific were impacted by the first year of the pandemic and how they responded. Click above to explore the data presented in the report!

One Year On –  How young social entrepre

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WEBINAR: One Year On – How Young Social Entrepreneurs Rose to the Challenge of COVID-19

Watch the conversation on how young social entrepreneurs in Asia-Pacific have weathered the storm, and what concrete solutions they have found to overcome COVID-19!

Stories in Video on on the Youth Co:Lab's community response to covid-19

Stories in words on the Youth Co:Lab's community response to covid-19

Youth Co:lab startups responding to Covid-19

These are the changemakers, the leaders, the young entrepreneurs from the Youth Co:Lab community that are rising to the challenges of COVID-19. These inspiring youth-led businesses are responding to the crisis in innovative ways and making a difference in their own communities to make sure we all get through this together.


Please check them out, follow their stories and support them in any way you can.