Covid-19 response 

The Youth Co:Lab community is resilient and creative, see how they are meeting the challenge of a global pandemic

WEBINAR: One Year On – How Young Social Entrepreneurs Rose to the Challenge of COVID-19

One year on since COVID-19 was officially recognized as a pandemic on 11 March 2020, it is clear that the road to recovery will be a long and hard one. Young people are among the hardest hit. But young people have also been at the frontlines of the response. They have proven their resilience not only in overcoming threats to their survival, but in offering solutions with transformative potential for recovery and beyond.

Watch the conversation on how young social entrepreneurs in Asia-Pacific have weathered the storm, and what concrete solutions they have found to overcome COVID-19!

Regional research on COVID-19’s impact

From 22nd February to 19th March 2021 Youth Co:Lab conducted a COVID-19 #OneYearOn Survey to understand how young entrepreneurs in Asia-Pacific have been impacted by the pandemic over the past year, the strategies and solutions they have developed, and their outlook for recovery and beyond. The final report will be published by Youth Co:Lab in April.

Stories in Video on on the Youth Co:Lab's community response to covid-19

Stories in words on the Youth Co:Lab's community response to covid-19

Youth Co:lab startups responding to Covid-19

These are the changemakers, the leaders, the young entrepreneurs from the Youth Co:Lab community that are rising to the challenges of COVID-19. These inspiring youth-led businesses are responding to the crisis in innovative ways and making a difference in their own communities to make sure we all get through this together.


Please check them out, follow their stories and support them in any way you can.  


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