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How much do you know about young social entrepreneurship and the issues young people face in Asia and the Pacific? Try your luck at our Youth Co:Lab chat bot quizzes, challenge your friends and family and keep growing your knowledge on topics that are vital to building a fair and sustainable future for all. 

Test your


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 What kind of   changemaker   are you? 

We want to learn how you will change the world!


 Do you know the   Sustainable   Development   Goals? 

How well do you know the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?


 What do You   know about   digtal   Transformation 

learn about how digital transformation is changing the world


 What do You   know about   people with   disabilities?  

learn about how People with Disabilities and the challenges they face and overcome in social entrepreneurship!


 What do you   know about   women


Learn more about women in business and the benefits to society


 What do you   know about   SDG14: Life   Below Water? 

Learn about Impact human life has on life below water and realise why protecting our ocean and waterways is so important for a sustainable future!. 


 How well do you   know   Indigenous   Peoples?

Learn about Indigenous peoples and the challenges they face and overcome in social entrepreneurship. 


 How much do   you know about   Anti-Corruption?

Why is fair business good business? Test your knowledge of how anti-coruption effects young entrepreneurs.


 How familiar   are you with   Climate Change   [Level 1] 

How much do you know about one of the greatest challenges of our generation?

 How familiar   are you with   Climate Change   [Level 2] 

Test your knowledge even further on one of the greatest challenges of our generation. 

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