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The LGBTI community across the region face varied challenges including criminalisation, lack of adequate legal protections and hostile public attitudes that can lead to widespread stigma and discrimination – such as discrimination in the workplace, bullying in schools and lack of access to essential healthcare services.


Social Entrepreneurship offers young people who identify as being part of the LGBTI community a voice and empowers them to create jobs and provide solutions to the challenges their communities face. Diversity and inclusion are key to building a world where people can interact as equals and can feel proud of their identity.

Stories in words on LGBTi and youth entrepreneurship


Learn about LGBTI communities, entrepreneurship and society 


 What do you   know about  the   challenges faced   by the LGBTI   community?  

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Stories in Video on LGBTI and youth entrepreneurship


Youth Co:Lab startups advancing the inclusion of the lGBTI Community