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Youth Co:Lab Viet Nam was launched in 2018, by UNDP Viet Nam, Citi Foundation, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Since 2021, Youth Co:Lab Viet Nam has been implemented by UNDP and Business Forum Magazine, under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Working at both national and sub-national levels, Youth Co:Lab Viet Nam leverages public, private, academic and youth organization partners to create an enabling environment and appropriate incentives for supporting young social entrepreneurs and innovators, to accelerate the national achievement of SDGs.

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Despite the recent economic growth, Viet Nam faces many challenges which threaten the country’s continued development, including income inequality, climate change and rapid urbanization. Youth Co:Lab Viet Nam is created to address these challenges, based on the potential of the emerging impact start-up ecosystem in Vietnam with a pool of innovative and ambitious young people.

 Key Metrics 

 Youth Empowerment 

 Youth Training 


500+ youth participated in the sub-national and national policy dialogues at the local and central level, and have been empowered.


500+ young entrepreneurs in which nearly 30% came from marginalized background were trained on SDGs Entrepreneurship.

 Mentor Training 


110 impact mentors from 28 provinces and cities nationwide joined the Youth Co:Lab Viet Nam training on Impact Entrepreneurship.

 Women's Participation 


51.4% of female participation in

Youth Co:Lab trainings

 Financial and Technical Support 

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35 startups received financial and technical support through the SDG Innovation Incubation Programme.

 Asia-Pacific Youth Co:Lab Summit Hosting 


UNDP Viet Nam proudly hosted the second Asia-Pacific Youth Co:Lab Summit in Hanoi, Viet Nam from 2-5 April 2019. The summit brought together 500 key stakeholders from 20 countries including youth, government officials, the private sector, representatives from the UN and other international organizations to collectively work towards building an ecosystem conducive to driving social change through innovation and entrepreneurship.

 Startups Showcase 

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Vulcan Augmetics


Youth Co:Lab Winner 2018

The creator of high functioning prosthetics designed to be upgradable and customizable online to reach the 38 million unserved amputees in developing nations, with a custom software suite to make the learning and integration process instinctive. 

 Youth Co:Lab Viet Nam's Journey 





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