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Youth Co:Lab Pakistan was launched in 2019, by the United Nations Development Programme and Citi Foundation. Youth Co:Lab Pakistan works closely with multiple stakeholders across the country including the government, civil society and the private sector, to strengthen the emerging entrepreneurship ecosystem in Pakistan and create pathways for the economic empowerment of youth by facilitating the next generation of social entrepreneurs to accelerate their initiatives in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Through the Youth Empowerment Programme, Youth Co:Lab Pakistan currently promotes entrepreneurship to equip young people with necessary skills to start their own businesses and grow enterprises that will create more employment while providing opportunities to otherwise disadvantaged young people, directly contributing to SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth. Youth Co:Lab Pakistan works with young entrepreneurs in all sectors at various stages of business growth through scouting for good ideas, turning them into viable business solutions, and providing effective mentoring and grants. Currently, Youth Co:Lab Pakistan has three key components i.e., the National Dialogue, the Movers Programme and Digital Skills Development, which are working to:

• Provide capacity building, mentorship and grants to youth-led social enterprises

• Promote policy dialogue for youth innovation and entrepreneurship

• Facilitate 21st century skills development and SDG awareness

• Equip youth with demand-driven digital skills to create a skilled digital workforce

 Youth Co:Lab Pakistan National Dialogue 

National Dialogues are an important element of Youth Co:Lab Pakistan, and have had an impact on young people across the country. Each year, the National Dialogue brings together local youth, government, private sector and academia with the aim of promoting an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and strengthening the capabilities of youth to adopt 21st century business models for social development.

 Key Metrics 

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 570+ Applications Received 

 1.5 Million Youth Engaged 

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 66 Youth Upskilled 

 62 Social Entreprises Supported 

SDG Bootcamp Summit 2019 - UNDP1 - Zara Qaiser.jpg

 $30,000 Total Funds Disbursed 

 30+ Partners Engaged 

 Startups Showcase 




SDG Bootcamp Winner 2019

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Daastan is Pakistan's premier book publishing marketplace which enables young writers to publish their work, sell globally and earn royalties from sales. The team has been able to gather 10,000 authors from 17 countries and has produced 500+ original books in local languages of Pakistan. They conduct workshops in universities to upskill youth and story writing competitions online to give chances to new authors to come on mainstream media. Their strong linkages with academia, homegrown localized book publishing technology and global awards are a testimony of their social impact. To date, Top 20 authors have collectively earned 10,000 USD in royalties over the past two years. Their vision is to put a book in every hand.


 Youth Co:Lab Pakistan Digital Skills Development Journey 

Youth Co:Lab Pakistan equips young people, especially young women, transgenders, minorities and youth who are differently abled, with demand-driven basic digital skills to help increase their economic opportunities and create a skilled digital workforce. This provides young people with the opportunity to provide services online, start online businesses or grow their businesses by using digital skills.


Youth Co:Lab Pakistan collaborated with SheLovesTech, a flagship initiative by CIRCLE Women, to upskill 300 youth from underserved communities using low cost technology and the power of entrepreneurship. Pivoted under COVID-19, the initiative took youth through an online bootcamp to train them on basic digital skills and soft skills, preparing them for jobs/freelancing work in the field of technology.


Youth Co:Lab Pakistan trained 60 youth on digital skills including web app development in asp. net, user experience/user interface designing, social media marketing and e-commerce, skills that can be used remotely and enable them to provide services online in order to earn a living from the comfort of their homes.

 Youth Co:Lab Pakistan in Video 

Youth Co:Lab Pakistan

Youth Co:Lab Pakistan

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 Movers in Pakistan 

By 2023, Youth Co:Lab Pakistan plans to empower 4 million future-ready youth across Asia-Pacific through 21st century skills (digital literacy, soft and global citizenship skills) to be drivers of change.


We have a rich community of Movers in Pakistan. Our Movers, committed to improving their communities, live in rural as well urban Pakistan and this year we have conducted numerous offline workshops across Pakistan. It is a safe and open space for people to join.

To learn more about Movers, click here or join the WhatsApp chat here.



 Key Partners 

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The Scottish Government
National Incubation Center
She Loves Tech
Social Enterprise Academy
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Cybervision International

 Partnerships and Collaborations 

If you are keen to know more about the Youth Co:Lab initiative in Pakistan and would like to explore partnerships and collaborations, you can write to us to Ms. Zara Qaiser (

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