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LILAC KUKÜNS - Relationship Wellness Boutique was co-founded in Sri Lanka in 2020 by Zainab Miskin (Director of Sales and Marketing), Saif Miskin (IT Developer) and Chathumini Yashodha (Lead Supply Chain).

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Sri Lanka

We offer products, experiences and education designed to create opportunities for individual creative expression in a relationship. All our offerings nurture better verbal and non-verbal communication between intimate partners.


Sustainability is at the heart of our blueprint, hence, all of our goods are made for multi-use or are recyclable. These products are made by artisans from local communities that we work and live in. 


We have an inclusive focus and we especially partner with women, mothers and the specially abled.

Focusing primarily on SDG

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Primary Beneficiary

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Key Takeaway

"Scaling impact is my most valuable takeaway. As a startup working on the Quality of Communication between intimate partners within the scope of sustainable relationship wellbeing in an emerging market, my team and I have been facing challenges in helping people realize that effective communication is key to a healthy relationship.


However, through the programme I understood that incremental growth should be organized. By first working with a few beneficiaries who understand our value proposition and then using their feedback to improve our offerings for a larger audience."

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Currently Looking For

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