Urban Youth Academy

Urban Youth Academy is a youth organization originally based in South Korea with various regional programs in Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and India focusing on SDG localization and youth empowerment.

Commitment to Youth Empowerment 

Urban Youth Academy is committed to empowering young people to work with multiple stakeholders in local communities and in decision-making processes, giving youth a unique opportunity to learn and hone the skills necessary to participate in SDGs-related activities.

Target Countries/region:

Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam and India

Collaboration with Youth Co:lab

Urban Youth Academy will collaborate with the Movers Programme to support the installiation of offline programs in Thailand and various online programs, with a focus on SDGs and entrepreneurship education. So far, Urban Youth Academy has conducted a few Movers Workshops for its international youth delegates. Urban Youth Academy and the Movers Programme will continue their partnership to empower more youth across the Asia Pacific region.

Focusing primarily on SDG:

 Youth empowerment 



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