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Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)


The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is a multilateral development bank (MDB), working to improve the lives of those we serve by promoting social and economic development in Member countries and Muslim communities worldwide, delivering impact at scale.

IsDB provides the infrastructure to enable people to lead better lives and achieve their full potential.


Commitment to Youth Empowerment 

IsDB’s Youth Development Strategy (YDS) 2020 – 2025 provides the strategic framework for how IsDB’s interventions integrate the needs of youth. The YDS has two principal objectives; to support young women and men to be: (i) productive and economically empowered so as to contribute to the development of their societies; and (ii) engaged and responsible, in order to embody and embrace leadership. The YDS has three mutually reinforcing strategic pillars, referred to as the ‘3Es’: Education, Economic Empowerment and Engagement.


Target Countries/region:

Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Banglades

Collaboration with Youth Co:lab


UNDP and IsDB have determined to build on existing collaboration and enter into a partnership to support youth empowerment in IsDB member countries in South Asia and South-East Asia. Under this partnership, UNDP and IsDB will undertake on research on youth entrepreneurship/youth-led enterprises in one focus country in South Asia (Bangladesh) and one focus country in South East Asia (Indonesia).

Learn more about IsDB’s Youth Development Strategy

Focusing primarily on SDG:

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 Youth empowerment 


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