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Accelerating Asia


Accelerating Asia is an accelerator VC that runs programs for early-stage startups and investors. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Accelerating Asia's early-stage VC fund focuses on pre-Series A startups with untapped potential that are 6-18 months away from institutional funding. Accelerating Asia's accelerator and venture capital model is designed to support pre-Series A startups to fast track growth and drive success.


Commitment to Youth Empowerment 

Acecelerating Asia believes entrepreneurs are one of humanity's greatest catalysts for positive change.


Target Countries/region:

Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan

Collaboration with Youth Co:lab


Accelerating Asia has co-developed an online module for Youth Co:Lab Springboard programme, ‘Options For Growth – Accelerators’ which helps young social entrepreneurs to to understand if accelerators are a good option for their ventures, how should they analysis the accelerators offerings in the region, and how they can stand the best chance when applying to one.

In 2021, Youth Co:Lab partners with Accelerating Asia to launch the Springboard Plus Programme, which aims to level-up on the connection and insights on resource mobilization for the SDGs.


Focusing primarily on SDG:

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 Youth empowerment 


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