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YOuth Co:Lab Journey


Sadikshya joined the Youth Co:Lab movement in 2018

Winner National Dialogue Nepal 2018, Youth Co:Lab Summit, Thailand 2018, APFYLIE, China 2019, Speaker Youth Co:Lab virtual summit 2021,Panelist YECAP Regional Dialogue 2021, Springboard, Springboard Plus , Cherie Blair Foundation, AVPN Deal Share Platform

Sadikshya Aryal wins funding from UNCDF's Women Enterprise Recovery Fund

Sadikshya Aryal of Himalayan Innovations is one of 10 winners of the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s (UNCDF) Women Enterprise Recovery Fund. They will receive USD $25,000 to fund their Gaunbata Sanjal project that will connect rural smallholder women farmers in Nepal with urban markets through a blockchain enabled e-commerce platform, while providing them with foundational digital literacy and access to finance through the young digital managers from Himalayan’s Girls4Rurals network.

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