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YOuth Co:Lab Journey


Joined the Youth Co:Lab movement in 2020

Springboard Programme

Abrahim Ali Shah from Mobiliti, Pakistan Joins 20 Finalists for Commonwealth Youth Awards 2022

Abrahim is the founder of ‘Mobiliti’ the first and only indigenous prosthetics manufacturer in Pakistan focused on a holistic approach for the inclusion of differently abled people in society. Launching an international standards compliant prosthetic foot for less than $100 (seven times less than Western competitors), Mobiliti has served over 1250 patients and used over 200kg of carbon fibre waste, bound for landfill sites, in their products. Twenty per cent of the team’s workforce is also differently abled, reflective of the company’s values. Apart from being among the 20 finalists for Commonwealth Youth Awards, Abrahim is also one of the top 10 founders for Westerwelle Foundation, who will be travelling to Berlin for a fully funded five-day conference.

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