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Young Influx



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Prakhar Agrawal



About Us

Young Influx is an initiative by an alumnus of Delhi University who thinks he could do a lot more if only there were insightful experiences of achievers before him readily available. This platform is his shot at bringing forward the tales of those meaningful efforts which can be a ray of light for countless others.

It features stories of young people who go out of their way to do great things and achieve milestones. Young Influx helps them lead and amplify their social change initiatives and showcase their actions to the world.

Our Impact

We have 50+ stories of young people and 40+ blogs discussing different UN SDGs on our web platform with 39,000+ page views.

Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"It was really amazing to be here in the Youth Co:Lab Programme. I could explore and learn a lot from various industry experts and connect with like-minded young people."

Currently Looking For

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