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Silvery Nanos


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About Us

Our Impact

Divya has come a long way since she laid in that hospital bed, but she is far from done. She wants to expand her operations regionally and internationally. And at the same time, she wants to do even more for her community, like backing sponsorship runs and supporting NGOs. She wants to give away her products to those most in need, build toilets and spread awareness about hygiene and safety. Do everything in her power to prevent any woman or girl from having to go through what she had to suffer all those years ago.

Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort

Divya won the first Youth Co:Lab Challenge in India. And had won more grants and prizes, including from UN WOMEN, IIT EUREKA, BIRAC Government of India, UK Go Global DCMS Programme, Singapore Inspreneur, and NITI AAYOG NMIMS INCUBATION CENTRE, since. With hard work and dedication, she managed to multiply the grants received plenty of times over through her sales.

Currently Looking For


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