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Founder and Director

Pragati Singh



About Us

Problem Statement: The health indicators for women, transgender people, and marginalized sexual identities have always been poorer than average globally. These communities are also underrepresented in professions such as healthcare. While there is a complex conglomerate of factors responsible for this, one of them is of much concern; these communities report having poor experiences in the service industry, leading to reduced service uptake, and contributing to poorer outcomes and indicators. On the other hand, professionals have no access to applicable, technically sound training and capacity building opportunities to improve their service delivery. This gap is glaring and waiting to be closed.

SAMHA closes this gap through:
India’s largest enlisting platform/directory of women and queer friendly professionals.
Capacity building and training programs tailored towards professionals, starting with healthcare and law sectors.
Certification and verification of sensitized service providers and organizations to be displayed clearly for customers from marginalized communities.
Enlisting certified service providers on our digital platforms for ease of access, aggregation, and quick direct booking of services.
Providing technical and medicolegal support to associated professionals and service providers in handling sensitive cases on an ongoing basis.

Our Impact


Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"Progress over perfection!"

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