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Afruza Tanzi


Maisha Lubaba

About Us

Protibha is a Bengali word, meaning ‘talent’. This program nurtures the hidden potential of rural Bengali women, exploring which women in remote areas gain financial solvency, decision making role in communities and a sustainable lifestyle.
The vision is to establish an organization that empowers families nationwide through developing crafting skills and commercializes their handmade products globally.
Hence, Protibha aims to provide sustainable earning opportunities to females in rural and suburban areas through promoting existing artisans and training potential artisans to develop their crafting skills. Its business strategy follows the B2C, B2B model, where it commercializes rural artisan-made products to urban and global buyers. Protibha is identified as a social business since the program generates revenue while solving a social problem.

Our Impact

Employment eventually brings empowerment. 98% of men who joined the Protibha workshops were convinced to send their wives to the Arts and Crafts training programs. The training programs give potential women hands-on training in sewing, stitching, crocheting, hand-block printing and traditional hand-paint. The 3-5 months long training curriculums utilize instructions, modeling, practicing, and feedback in order to teach a new skill. As Protibha is a marketplace for the trained artisans to sell their handmade items, it is ensuring a sustainable earning opportunity for them. This has increased the social and financial standards of the beneficiary women. Each trainee now earns BDT 750-8000 ($93) per month depending on skills and orders.

The training programs so far have provided crafting skill to 132 women in 4 different locations. 72% of trained women have become small household entrepreneurs and 15% have taken jobs in related fields. The women are happy about being able to generate income while working from home. The burden of additional income on children has been reduced.

The successes of women employment have been reflected in their socio-economic developments. The economic solvency and changes in the homestead and the enterprise, speak of their untiring efforts and the urge for a better life. Similar are the social and socio-psychological changes where even the gain in the courage to talk with people regarding business or any trade and the knowledge to distinguish between good and bad investments and transactions, are great achievements.

Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"The Weekly Mentoring Sessions have helped us to rethink the organizational operations from different dimensions."

Currently Looking For

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