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N'ditarun Tano



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CEO and Founder

Ammar M. Cayongcat


Mohammad M. Khalil
Rashid M. Mangacop
Junaid N. Guinto
Mohammad Ali Baruang

About Us

A Social Enterprise that aims to promote and preserve the glorious and rich culture of the People of the Lake. With the advent of modernization, tradition and culture is paying the price for consumers' increasing preference for something trendy and in, and unfortunately, the Meranaw Culture is no exception. Meranaw Culture encompasses and translates into different mediums and aspects, and one is the ‘Pananaroon’, or the Mranaw proverbs, which will be printed on the shirt that the social enterprise sells. More than a shirt. This is our shirt. Every single shirt sold would not only preserve and promote the Mranaw Culture but would help a less fortunate kid. The enterprise aims to position the shirt as a contributor to solving the increasing number of OSY’s (out-of-school youths) in Lanao del Sur by providing opportunities for them. Every shirt woven weaves the dreams of the youth, and every shirt printed imprints the culture of the youth of the people of the lake. Preserving the culture while providing hope.

Our Impact

Aside from selling our products, we're reaching far flung communities and partnering with different line agencies to conduct several sustainable programmes on ground such as:
Proper Handwashing Campaign (2020) - 90 children
Kapaganad sa Kalilintad | Learning Peace (2020-Present) - 5 batches from different municipalities of Lanao del Sur, a total of 139 youths
Kalumbayan Peace Camp (2021) - 50 youths from Marantao, Lanao del Sur.
Karitan: Advocates for Children's Rights and Peacebuilding (2021) - 29 trained youth in Karitan and able to implement 9 different projects from different parts of Lanao del Sur addressing issues concerning youth and children in the province and reached 256 youth and children directly.
Ramadhan Gift Pack (every Ramadhan) - 50 families from different municipalities in Lanao del Sur.
Langkit: Weaving Dreams of Meranaw Artisans (2022-Present) - 15 local weavers from Tugaya, Lanao del Sur.
Langkit: Young Meranaw Social Entrepreneurs Summit (2022) - 50 young social entrepreneurs.
A total of 639 families, youth and children are directly touched by the initiative.

Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"There is always room for improvement, we may think we're already successful enough. However, as time goes by we need to absorb a new set of learnings that will shape us to be better and to be more productive. This is what Youth Co:Lab programme made me realize: the importance of learning and innovation."

Currently Looking For

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