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Duna Tapari Hub


We planned to start in 2019 but due to Covid -19 we could not continue our enterprise.

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Member only

Ranjana Dhami


Jeevan Rana Magar (Chair Person of NIDYAN), Kopila Gurung (Vice-President of NIDYAN), Ranjana Dhami (Board Member of NIDYAN)

About Us

Duna-Tapari Hub is an Eco-Friendly Social Entrepreneurship Project. Duna-Tapari Hub works towards Self-Employment
of Indigenous Youths with Disabilities in Nepa. It is massively used for socio-cultural ceremonies and rituals in Nepal which helps to promote indigenous local knowledge, skills and technology, cheap and easily available its raw-material in rural/semi-urban area, environment friendly (to replace plastic and metal plates, solid waste for
compost, forest conservation, green environment) and to increase trend of its use in city-area, restaurant and party-ceremonies.
Its main objective is to develop and promote social-entrepreneurship for indigenous youths with disability (IYWD) in Nepal.

Our Impact


Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"Valuable take-aways from the Youth Co:Lab Programme are that we got to know about different social enterprises, their ideas, knowledge, motives, how we can preserve our nature environment and how youth can be benefited, self-employed, and how can we grow or scale up our business."

Currently Looking For

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