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Hong Kong SAR


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Ceo, Co-Founder

Anushka Purohit


Naman Tekriwal, Suyash Mohan, Deevansh Gupta

About Us

Waste is not waste until you waste it. Breer is a food upcycling startup that reduces bread waste and utilizes it in the brewing of beer. We introduce a novel taste of beer to the Asian market, while remonetizing otherwise wasted resources. Beer is brewed with 3 main ingredients: 78% barley, 13% hops and 9% yeast. Through supporting the local brewing businesses, we replace the 78% of barley needed for beer, with bread.
At present, we have brewed more than 10,000 litres of beer, saved over 6,000 kilograms of bread, and have launched four notable beers. Our first beer was Responsibly, our very first pilot batch that was used to gauge market interest and experiment with beer styles. After launching Responsibly, we launched the Breer Pale Ale, currently being tested and sold in over 50 bars and restaurants around Hong Kong. We have also worked with Jardine Restaurant Group’s Pizza Hut to create Base, the world’s first pizza crust beer, in line to be sold in KFC and Pizza Hut next year. Simultaneously, Breer, together with Maxim’s Hong Kong, has released BOB (Bottle of Bread) in early December, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

Our Impact

We contribute to the planet with our environmental impact: saving 9.2 tonnes of bread, 30 hectares worth of landfill space, reducing 1 tonne of carbon dioxide and 4.3 cubic metres of water usage, all while supporting 4 local breweries. We began this project at the onset of the pandemic, when the breweries in Hong Kong were facing increased costs and reduced motivation. The trend had suddenly shifted from dining drinking to take away bottles, and breweries suddenly had to adapt. There was increased idle capacity, and their costs had increased. We began during this time, so we were able to utilize their idle capacity and work on supporting them in getting their innovation back by collaborating on our project. We also expanded into food donation drives - when we get fresh bread that we cannot use directly in a brew, we collaborated with a local restaurant to donate this bread to the elderly (after proper quality checks), supporting 500 individuals in the last 4 weeks of our drives.

Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"Meeting the like-minded individuals who bring their passion to the competition and making friends from all around the world!"

Currently Looking For

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