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Ade Nuriadin


Nurafifah, Afrianisa, Efrin

About Us

B Luna is social entrepreneurship developed by the Tana Sanggamu Institute in collaboration with women's groups in Wombo Village and Batusuya Village, Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi Province. B Luna is a product created from knowledge of local wisdom. For a long time, women in Donggala Regency have used natural treatments for the beauty of their skin by using scrubs and masks made from natural ingredients. We realize that the knowledge of local wisdom is an ancestral heritage that must be preserved.

B Luna as a beauty product has a vision to provide products with the best quality and friendly to Indonesian women's skin and the environment, maintain and preserve knowledge of local wisdom, and contribute to the welfare of groups of women and young people in the village.

Our Impact


Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"We gain new experience and knowledge in developing social entrepreneurship. We then use this experience and knowledge to develop our product, B Luna. Meeting other young entrepreneurs is also a motivation for us to continue developing the social entrepreneurship that we are working on. We have also been able to apply the canvas business model and are able to set targets for the next 20 years."

Currently Looking For

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