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Acela Vanilly



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Camilo Felix



About Us

Acela Vanilly was established in a rural area to support vulnerable people living in poverty. We created the project to help groups of people in a village that can have up to 428 members. The project earnings are used to feed and care for these people. They can also work for five days a week and get paid $50 per day. If this project can continue or receive any support, it can provide permanent salaries and support to the people in need. We hope that through this program, after two years, we can change their lives in the society.

Our Impact


Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"Through the Youth Co: Lab Programme, I learned how to write business management plan, find connections to new market, the impacts of 17 Social Development Goals (SDG), and how to identify social problems."

Currently Looking For

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