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Co-founder and Team Lead

Chen Hong Wei


Ong LI YING (Business Lead), Tan DE JUN (Finance Lead), Lai HOI BING (Product Designer)

About Us

HomePal is a technology startup and social enterprise formed in 2020 to leverage technology to advance eldercare remote monitoring capabilities. Our core product is a fall detection system that uses IoT devices and AI-enabled verification to provide swift and accurate detection of any fall or abnormality occurring at nursing homes, while protecting their privacy. With integration into existing emergency service providers, timely help can be provided once a fall is detected. Ultimately, we wish to provide peace of mind for the vulnerable and their families.

Since 2020, HomePal has partnered with 3 nursing homes and a community volunteer organization to conduct trial testing. Together with our trial partners and mentors, we want to build smarter homes, for safer families.

Our Impact

We have garnered interest from 3 Nursing Homes and 1 Community Volunteer Organisation to launch our solution for.

Primary Beneficiary


Youth Co:Lab Cohort


"One main take-away we had in the Programme is the networking. The programme exposed us to many potential ecosystem partners that can help drive our solution forward and reach our intended user better. "

Currently Looking For

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