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Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh leverages social innovation and entrepreneurship to create a new generation of Bangladeshi leaders and empowers them to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Launched in 2018, Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh has quickly become one of the most active chapters of Youth Co:Lab across Asia and the Pacific. Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh works closely with multiple stakeholders across the country including government, civil society and the private sector, to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and policy environment to better enable young people to take the lead on new solutions that will help meet the SDGs. Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh is a widely-trusted platform for sharing knowledge and evidence-based insights, providing capacity development training on 21st century skills, global networking opportunities and business incubation support for youth-led startups and social enterprises based in Bangladesh.

At present Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh has three key components i.e., the National Dialogue, the Springboard Programme and the Movers Programme, which are working to:
●    Promote policy dialogue for youth innovation and entrepreneurship
●    Provide mentorship and funds to youth-led impact enterprises
●    Facilitate 21st century skills development and SDG awareness

Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh also commissions research, exploring scopes and recommending ways to promote youth entrepreneurship across the nation.

 Key Metrics 


 52 Impact Enterprises 

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 $10,000 in Grants

 7632 Young People


 560 National Dialogue 
Delegates Engaged 


 Over 500000 Lives 

 1 Report on State of Youth Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Commissioned 

 National Dialogue 

The Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh National Dialogue brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, young business leaders, and representatives from the government, private sector, NGOs, academia and social incubators to share knowledge and influence policy initiatives on youth entrepreneurship and encourage social innovation leading to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Accelerator Bangladesh: National Dialogue to Foster the Startup Ecosystem in Bangladesh


Accelerator Bangladesh 2.0: National Dialogue to Foster the Startup Ecosystem in Bangladesh

National Dialogue 2020


Accelerator Bangladesh 3.0: National Dialogue on Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem into the Next Decade

 Springboard Programme 

The Springboard Programme of Youth Co:Lab Bangladesh is a platform for young social entrepreneurs to contribute towards achieving the SDGs through tailored mentorship and wide-ranging national and global networking opportunities.

Since 2018, there have been four Springboard Programmes. Over 50 startup teams and impact enterprises have taken part in intensive boot camps for improving their pitching, story telling, impact measurement and management skills. Avijatrik, one of the winners from Springboard Programme Cohort 1.0, also won the Youth Co:Lab Social Innovation Challenge Award in the Community Development category at the Second Youth Co:Lab Summit held in Hanoi, Viet Nam, for empowering local communities through tourism. Most recently, the Top Three teams of Springboard Programme Cohort 4.0 were awarded $10,000 in grants and a tailored six-month mentorship programme.

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 Startups Showcase 

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Borac Energia


Tackled issue: lack of environmentally friendly energy sources

Borac Energia produces recycled Li-ion Batteries which are cost-friendly, with the goal to replace harmful Lead-acid batteries. Besides perfecting their recycled Li-ion Batteries, they have also built their own E-Bikes and developed affordable Solar and Wind energy systems and Solar Boat Motors.

 Movers Programme 

Nadia Momen, Movers Envoy

"Movers Programme is the platform where people can nurture their professional behaviour and skills. It helps me build a huge community network all around Asia and the Pacific. By joining the movement, I have learned how to mentor and speak confidently, facilitate a session, and take action. For me, the Movers Programme is a lifelong learning process."

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 Partnerships and Collaborations 

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If you are keen to know more about the Youth Co:Lab initiative in Bangladesh and would like to explore partnerships and collaborations, you can write to us to Name (